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United Central Control debuts UCC iConnect

United Central Control debuts UCC iConnect Video services from SureView, OzVision just the beginning

SAN ANTONIO—United Central Control is ready to roll out advanced RMR generators to dealers, beginning with video monitoring services from SureView and OzVision in mid-October. The video offerings will allow dealers to provide more services, and by extension more value to their accounts. Furthermore, UCC SVP Mark Matlock said video is just the first step in creating a new suite of advanced, a la carte offerings under the brand UCC iConnect.

“This initiative will include a lot of interactive services. We are feverishly negotiating with vendors right now for next-gen products. There's so much we're going to be offering above and beyond traditional alarm monitoring and that's all going to fall under the brand UCC iConnect.”

As part of the UCC iConnect services, UCC is also monitoring iControl's ConnectedLife, which comprises next generation, broadband services, including security, energy management, home management and control, and home healthcare services.

Matlock said SureView's Immix platform would allow UCC to work with a wide variety of video solutions. OzVision's video monitoring solutions, which have not been previously integrated into Immix, will now function with SureView's video-centric platform.

The video services and the forthcoming additional services under the iConnect brand—including services like managed access control—would give more money-making tools to dealers, according to Matlock. “It's no revelation to anyone that the landscape is changing out there technology-wise. As a dealer doing business with a monitoring station, all your tools don't come from you or even from the product you're installing. They come from the central station,” Matlock said. “If you want to be around in the future and if you want to be competitive, you better have all these services available. We want to have everything under one roof—your standard monitoring and all the next-gen offerings, as well.”


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