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Vivotek provides security solutions for Denmark's largest go-kart track

Vivotek provides security solutions for Denmark's largest go-kart track

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Racehall, renowned as the world's longest indoor go-karting track facility in Denmark, has partnered with VIVOTEK to provide what it calls an "unparalleled" security experience to all its visitors.

Racehall said that the experience is for everyone, big or small, amateurs or professionals, and that it is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of visitors' experiences are exceptional. This commitment includes maintaining high standards of quality equipment, prioritizing safety, and offering top-notch service.

VIVOTEKThe group stated that ensuring the safety and security of their patrons and the facility is a top priority for them. Given the size and popularity of Racehall’s go-karting tracks, addressing security challenges effectively was imperative.

To overcome the security challenges it faced, Racehall turned to VIVOTEK, a global IP security solution provider, to implement a comprehensive security system. The project was executed by Racehall's partner, ITV Security, under the guidance of CEO Martin Kristensen.

"We were absolutely delighted to roll up our sleeves and work closely with Racehall to bring the VIVOTEK surveillance solution into play,” Kristensen said. “It's been a fantastic experience to see how our dedication to crafting tailor-made security solutions has met with Racehall's wishes and needs. We've worked hand in hand to create a safer and more entertaining experience for Racehall's visitors."

Racehall stated that the implementation of VIVOTEK's surveillance solutions has not only elevated the safety and security of the facility but has also played a crucial role in sustaining the joy and excitement that define the Racehall experience. This collaboration helps Racehall take pride in continuing to deliver a world-class go-karting experience for all visitors, prioritizing their safety and peace of mind, according to the company. 


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