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Wasabi Surveillance Cloud offers

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud offers

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud offers ‘Bottomless’ storage to support growth of video in surveillance industry

BOSTON – Cloud storage company Wasabi Technologies is delivering a scalable, first-of-its-kind video storage solution for the surveillance industry.

The Wasabi Surveillance Cloud allows organizations to offload video surveillance footage from a local storage environment directly to the cloud, without ever running out of capacity the company claims. Wasabi said that this "bottomless" approach to video storage is vital for the surveillance industry in their efforts to manage enormous amounts of visual data in high resolution in edition to strict regulatory requirements, and other related concerns.

According to IDC’s Video Surveillance Survey 2022, There’s a growing number of enterprises that expect an increase in video surveillance storage requirements in the next three years, with expected costs to update existing systems being too high. “Enterprises increasingly recognize the cost savings, agility, and video data accessibility that cloud storage provides, but they need a way to maintain the benefits of their existing technology stack as well,” said Mike Jude, research director, video surveillance & vision applications, IDC. “It is essential that storage architecture meet the holistic requirements of modern surveillance in a way that is cost-effective.”

Wasabi believes that the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud addresses those challenges by creating a hybrid storage environment that makes use of existing technology investments to maximize an organization's ROI without sacrificing any benefits. Benefits that includes seamless integration with all major VMS providers, restoration of video and data directly from the cloud, and the ability to scale on-demand, avoiding costly server upgrades while increasing resolution and frame rate to name a few.

“Many organizations make significant technology investments for video surveillance, but often the video and data storage architecture is put under immense pressure,” said David Boland, vice president of cloud strategy, Wasabi Technologies. “Wasabi Surveillance Cloud allows the industry to take advantage of the best of cloud and on-premises for a truly ‘bottomless storage’ solution that supports the exponential growth of video data.”

You can find a full breakdown of the system at, and parties in attendance at ISC West can see a demo of the Wasabi Surveillance Cloud and speak with experts by visiting booth #2077.


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