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We’re off to the races

We’re off to the races

There’s the bell, ISC West is officially open and I’m blogging live from our booth on the floor.

I had an excellent start at the Axis Communications Press Breakfast this morning where we had an exciting discussion about their partnerships with Genetec and Microsoft and how they’re leveraging Microsoft Azure and next generation AI to enhance security features like live generated image interpretation and captioning.

Shortly we’ll be off to visit ADT and many, of our other partners here at the show and I’m not sure my feet are going to make it. The rest of me might make my flight on Friday, but I’ll be leaving a part of myself here in Las Vegas. Regardless we have a packed schedule here at the show and we’re currently making the most of it.

Once again I just want you to swing by the booth if you’re at the show and pick up our latest issue of Security Systems News, take a business card, or stop us for a card that will let you quickly subscribe and be eligible to win an apple mini home pod for new or renewing subscribers. Until then, Viva Las Vegas.

Now how do I get out of this casino again?


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