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Xcitium partners with Carrier SI to expand endpoint security

Xcitium partners with Carrier SI to expand endpoint security

BLOOMFIELD, N.J. – Cybersecurity endpoint solutions company Xcitium has announced their partnership with voice and data communications solutions provider Carrier SI.

In their release Xcitium wrote that they were the first cyber security vendor with premier status in the Carrier SI portfolio where they serve as a go-to endpoint protection solution and cyber advisor for the company.  "The Carrier SI team will work with Xcitium to offer our clients an affordable endpoint security service along with a first-class customer experience," said Richard Miller, CEO of Carrier SI. "This partnership comes at a particularly critical time with an estimated 450,000 new ransomware variants released daily, particularly targeting customers in the financial, manufacturing, and medical industries - a heavy footprint within the Carrier SI customer base."

"Cyber security has become a foremost concern amongst CISOs, and we're thrilled Carrier SI can now offer its customers Xcitium's proven solution to address those concerns and prevent cyber breaches and damage businesses," said Michael Costantino, Xcitium's VP of Strategic Partnerships. "We're excited to announce this new partnership that expands our market reach to wireless, data, and video markets to help more enterprises protect themselves against potential cyber threats. Richard and his team have been a leader in the communications space for quite some time, and we are thrilled to help build out their cyber security practice together."

Customers of Carrier SI will receive access to Xcitium’s patented Kernel-level API Virtualization, an endpoint cyber security technology that specializes in containing known and unknown cyber attacks, the software removes threats before they can cause damage to endpoints.

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