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ChatGPT AI is changing the face of cybersecurity


ChatGPT AI is changing the face of cybersecurity

March 17, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

SAN FRANCISCO – On March 14, artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory OpenAI released the latest iteration of its popular AI deep learning model, GPT-4. Built on that framework, OpenAI’s ChatGPT program has taken the world by storm in recent months as people and businesses come to terms with both the limitations, and the potential of the AI application. Some of those boundaries are already being pushed with this latest version of GPT.  “For example, it passes...

artificial intelligence (AI), BlackMamba, ChatGPT, Cybersecurity, deep learning, GPT-4, malware, Migo Kedem, OpenAI, Sean Gallagher, security software, SentinelOne, Sophos

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AlertEnterprise reveals new security AI chatbot

March 1, 2023SSN Staff

FREMONT, Calif. – Cyber-physical security convergence software company AlertEnterprise has just revealed the launch of its first-ever Guardian AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT. The chatbot is set to debut globally at the end of March during the ASIS Europe and ISC West trade conferences. It’s been developed with OpenAI’s GPT-3 platform and is designed to instantly deliver security operators access and insights that matter with quick questions and prompts. “Physical...

AlertEnterprise, ASIS Europe, ChatGPT, Cyber-physical security, GPT-3, Guardian AI Chatbot, ISC West, Jasvir Gill, OpenAI, Security, Yogesh Ailawadi

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Monitoring Matters

A.ll I.n

March 1, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) this week. Not just because John Oliver just did his video on the same subject, because let’s be honest, we’ve all been talking about A.I. for a while now. Especially in the security industry, half of the articles I write these days are from companies working with machine learning to improve cybersecurity, or training A.I. with media to better understand threat detection in monitoring software. Now there’s a lot of anxiety...

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), ChatGPT, Cybersecurity, John Oliver, Machine Learning, Security, threat detection

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