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Monitoring Matters

Business continuity, cybersecurity tips and valuable resources

March 18, 2020Ginger Hill

I refuse to give the coronavirus power by using it as click bait in my blog title; however, staying true to my blog, “Monitoring Matters,” I do see that education is necessary during this time of our lives. I feel that the more people understand and know what to do, the better we are prepared to handle any situation, whether that be a pandemic of any kind, a major cyberattack, etc. So, before we get started, I want to first sincerely thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you not...

ASIS International, business continuity, cyber security, door-to-door scams, National Cyber Security Alliance, Security Industry Association (SIA), Social Media, Stay Safe Online

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General News

Poll: Readers view door-to-door scams as major problem

July 30, 2014Leif Kothe

YARMOUTH, Maine—Door-to-door scams were given a big stage at ESX 2014, where ADT held a press conference devoted to rooting the problem out, with representatives from law enforcement, CSAA and ESA weighing in.Judging by the responses to the latest SSN News Poll, the issue has, without question, grabbed the industry's attention, and given rise to some vociferous opinions regarding both the source of the problem and how it should be fixed.“These door-to-door scams need to stop and should...

ADT, door-knocking, door-to-door scams, Physical Security

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