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Video verification: A police chief's perspective

August 6, 2014Leif Kothe

HIGHLAND PARK, Texas— Law enforcement is taking an increasingly active role in shaping video verification alarm policies. Testament to this are the best practices recently completed by the Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response, which made law enforcement feedback a defining feature of the process.While verified alarm proponents tout the technology's ability to foil criminals and reduce false alarms, one police chief closely involved with that process warns that if jurisdictions do not...

Chris Vinson, cross-zoning, ECV, physical security, PPVAR, SSN, Texas Police Chief's Association, video verification

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Monitoring Matters

Enhanced call verification now law in Georgia

May 15, 2013Rich Miller

“It's a good day in Georgia.” That was the reaction from John Loud, president of the Georgia Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association, after Gov. Nathan Deal signed enhanced call verification into law on May 6. GELSSA, with an assist from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, had been pushing for ECV for years and finally saw it brought to fruition with House Bill 59. It wasn't an easy process. As HB 687, the initiative made it through the Georgia House last year and through state...

ECV, enhanced call verification, GELSSA, Georgia Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association, John Loud, Ron Walters, Security Industry Alarm Coalition, Security Systems News, SIAC

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General News

Pueblo considering ECV

October 13, 2011Daniel Gelinas

PUEBLO, Colo.—The Security Industry Alarm Coalition is facing opposition from local alarm companies in its work with municipal authorities here to create and adopt an acceptable ordinance that includes fines for false alarms and an enhanced call verification (ECV) policy."The reason I'm fighting this is because this is a unique ordinance. They want every one to register. They want everyone to pay on a yearly basis—even do-it-yourselfers because they want that money," Dave Anderson, owner...

Automated Security, Carla Sikes, Dave Anderson, ECV, Luis Velez, Pueblo, Ron Walters, Security Industry Alarm Coalition, SIAC

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General News

Major market no longer responding to unverified alarms

October 5, 2011Daniel Gelinas

DETROIT—City police here have instituted a new policy—effective Aug. 22—of no longer responding to alarms that aren't verified by the alarm system owner or the monitoring company. This move from enhanced call verification to verified response represents a change the Security Industry Alarm Coalition worked hard to avoid last year when they helped city leaders adopt an ECV policy. ECV requires a second phone call to a different number to help determine if an emergency exists. The...

Detroit, ECV, Security Industry Alarm Coalition, SIAC, Stan Martin, VR

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Detroit enacts enhanced call verification

December 9, 2010Daniel Gelinas

DETROIT—Authorities here have teamed with the Security Industry Alarm Coalition and the Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan to enact an enhanced call verification policy to help reduce false alarms. The ECV policy went into effect Dec. 1 and, according to SIAC, resolves a situation that could have gone very badly for the industry. Enhanced Call Verification goes beyond a traditional single call to the premises, in that it requires a second call to a cell phone or alternative number...

ACT NOW ALARM, BFAAM, Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan, Commander Todd Bettison, Dean Belisle, Detroit, Detroit Police Department, DPD, ECV, Glen Mowrey, SIAC, Stan Martin

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The dust settles over Fontana

September 23, 2010Daniel Gelinas

FONTANA, Calif.—Industry experts say there are important lessons to take away from the settlement announced Sept. 6 between Fontana, Calif., “the city with the toughest false alarm ordinance in the country,” and the Inland Empire Alarm Association. Eric Griffin, Jon Sargent and Morgan Hertel identified three lessons in particular for the security industry: Enhanced Call Verification is here to stay; expect closer scrutiny of alarm ordinances nationwide; and industry/municipality...

ECV, enhanced call verification, Eric Griffin, false alarm ordinance, Fontana California, IEAA, Inland Empire Alarm Association, Jon Sargent, Morgan Hertel

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