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Monitoring Matters

Silicon dreams

March 27, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

This week we’re talking about a subject near and dear to my heart, well, near at least if you count proximity. That’s right, we’re discussing the recent semiconductor investment in Arizona. I usually go to the well to find the most current security topics for my blogs, but things dry up the closer you get to a major industry show since everyone wants to play their cards close to their chests. I think the major semiconductor news isn’t too long in the tooth, however....

Arizona, Intel, NortonLifeLock, Resideo, Semiconductor, Verkada

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Monitoring Matters

Trust fall

November 29, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Do you trust tech companies to protect and secure your personal privacy? According to one survey, it appears that a majority of smart home technology users do. Now I am writing this way too late into the evening, the post-holiday doldrums make for slow or quiet news weeks. So, while I’m brainstorming a topic for this week’s blog and sending some post witching hour emails, I began reading some survey data from an article. It’s not new data, the article is a few months old now,...

BlackCat, NortonLifeLock, Ransomware, Residential, smart home, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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Monitoring Matters

Shanghai'd, data breaches and insecurity

August 3, 2022Ken Showers, Managing Editor

In early July of this year, one of the largest known data breaches to date occurred that stripped files from a Shanghai police database. The hacker responsible claimed to have stolen terabytes of data relating to as many as one billion Chinese citizens. Known as ChinaDan, the hacker asked for a ransom in digital currency roughly equivalent to $200,000. While it isn’t clear how he got access to the data, it seems likely it could be related to the same method used to gather most of it: social...

Bandai Namco, CD PROJKT RED, Masaru Kawaguchi, NortonLifeLock, Sophos, United States Department of the Treasury, Verizon

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