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Deanna VanHout

Emerging Leaders Under 40

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Deanna VanHout, senior program manager, QCIC

June 24, 2024Cory Harris, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine—Deanna VanHout, 39, is the senior program manager for QCIC, based out of Minneapolis. Find out what her roles and responsibilities are, what being an Emerging Leader Under 40 means to her, what attracts her to the security industry as a young leader, and more.  SSN: In 100 words or less, summarize your current role, outlining responsibilities and length of service. VANHOUT: With over 17 years of professional experience in the field of sales and...

Deanna VanHout, Emerging Leaders Under 40, Paladin Technologies, QCIC

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