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Monitoring Matters

5 important facts you need to know about the Texas-based ransomware attacks

August 21, 2019Ginger Hill

Whomever is the culprit for all these ransomware attacks on local U.S. government entities sure is getting a ton of notoriety in the media. With 22 reported and known public-sector attacks so far this year, and none tracked by the federal government or FBI, according to CNN, I say, the more information available the better for those needing to protect themselves. The most recent ransomware attack happened in my home state of Texas against 22 small-town governments, and while our “Don't...

Cybercrime, Ransomware, Texas

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On The Editor's Desk

Answers in Austin

May 25, 2016Martha Entwistle

When I looked at the SIA update this morning, I saw a headline about the cloud and cybersecurity concerns. Want to learn about cybersafety in the cloud? Come to Cloud+ in Austin in November! Cloud+ is the only conference where you can learn how cloud technology is reshaping the security industry, what the potential is for your business and what steps you can take now to enhance your bottom line with cloud-based technology. Cybersecurity is on the agenda. Sponsored by Security Systems News,...

2016, Austin, Brivo, Cloud+, Physical Security, Steve Van Till, Texas

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Also Noted

Securadyne in Celebration

December 12, 2014SSN Staff

ALLEN, Texas—Eighteen security cameras will soon keep watch over Celebration Park in an effort to curb costly vandalism, according to a report in The project, approved by Allen City Council this month will cover the installation and operation of cameras at eight locations within the park, including concession pavilions. The pavilions have been vandalized several times over the years, costing the city thousands of dollars in repairs. The city has budgeted $153,301 for the...

Allen, camera system, Celebration Park, Securadyne Systems, Texas

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Also Noted

Alarm helps business owner find suspect hiding in ceiling

January 22, 2013SSN Staff

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Cowboy Tobacco Company owner Jimmy Jackson had a feeling something was amiss when his alarm company called to say his shop alarm was going off, but he wasn't immediately aware of just how amiss. Police came and saw nothing and Jackson apologized, thinking his alarm system had accidentally activated. But as he was closing up the store, Jackson noticed that one of the ceiling tiles looked out of place, according to a news report from Jackson made a...

Cowboy Tobacco Company, Stephenville, Texas

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Natural disasters test concept for ASAP-to-the-PSAP program

September 1, 2011Daniel Gelinas

PITTSBURGH—Vector Security CEO Pam Petrow said recent natural disasters on the East Coast have provided a proof of concept for CSAA's ASAP-to-the-PSAP program. "[CSAA president] Ed [Bonifas] got the educational road show going and we've got more people participating. We've got all these PSAPs in the queue. We've got legs, but the hard part is going to be walking before we run because everyone wants to move yesterday," Petrow told Security Systems News. "In the earthquake...

ASAP to PSAP, Bill Hobgood, earthquake, Ed Bonifas, Houston, Hurricane Irene, Pam Petrow, Richmond Virginia, Texas, United Central Control (UCC), Vector Security

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Central forms alliance with city to increase police effectiveness

March 10, 2011Daniel Gelinas

ADDISON, Texas—Dallas-based Stealth Monitoring has formed what it calls a unique strategic alliance with the city of Addison, Texas to help better protect the local businesses monitored by Stealth. According to Stealth sales manager Rick Charney, the partnership will lead to reduced false alarms, better protection for end users and saved time and money for participating municipalities. “We're monitoring cameras for the private businesses, filtering the information and giving...

APD Chief Ron Davis, Stealth Monitoring, Texas

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