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Monitoring Matters

Aired grievances

March 13, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

A dozen lawsuits later and it sounds like Airbnb has finally put the kibosh on indoor security cameras in its policies. I’m not an aficionado of the rental properties lifestyle but I suppose I assumed that it was, at the very least, frowned upon beforehand to install security cameras indoors at places like this. Obviously, bathrooms and bedrooms were already a no-go but having a bunch of Norman Bates’ peeping on tenants while having a somewhat ambiguous policy on indoor surveillance...

Airbnb, Andrew Witty, security cameras, Surveillance, UnitedHealthcare, Wyze

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Monitoring Matters


March 6, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

The return of dreaded continuity. I swear that three is our lucky number and this will be the last time I discuss ransomware in this space, at least for a little while. BlackCat/ALPHV is apparently falling apart this week if you’ve been following that story closely. The official word is that they stole the $22 million payment from UnitedHealthcare and collectively ghosted the world. Which, you know, that money is kind of already stolen? I mean, that’s what blackmail basically is, guys....

ALPHV, Artificial Intelligence (AI), BlackCat, Cybersecurity, Ransomware, UnitedHealthcare

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Monitoring Matters

United they fall

February 28, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Oh man, I really don’t like doing the same topic two weeks in a row, but we have to talk about ransomware again. It should be about the ADT webcast, but we’ll save that one for next week, as a treat. Instead, today we’re going to take our medicine and I get to say I told you so while discussing the ransomware attack on UnitedHealthcare by BlackCat. You’ll remember BlackCat (ALPHV) because we’ve covered it before, but also because in this very blog spot last week I...

ADT, ALPHV, BlackCat, FTC, Ransomware, United States Department of Justice (DOJ), UnitedHealthcare

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