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Monitoring Matters


March 6, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

The return of dreaded continuity. I swear that three is our lucky number and this will be the last time I discuss ransomware in this space, at least for a little while. BlackCat/ALPHV is apparently falling apart this week if you’ve been following that story closely. The official word is that they stole the $22 million payment from UnitedHealthcare and collectively ghosted the world. Which, you know, that money is kind of already stolen? I mean, that’s what blackmail basically is, guys....

ALPHV, Artificial Intelligence (AI), BlackCat, Cybersecurity, Ransomware, UnitedHealthcare

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Monitoring Matters

United they fall

February 28, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Oh man, I really don’t like doing the same topic two weeks in a row, but we have to talk about ransomware again. It should be about the ADT webcast, but we’ll save that one for next week, as a treat. Instead, today we’re going to take our medicine and I get to say I told you so while discussing the ransomware attack on UnitedHealthcare by BlackCat. You’ll remember BlackCat (ALPHV) because we’ve covered it before, but also because in this very blog spot last week I...

ADT, ALPHV, BlackCat, FTC, Ransomware, United States Department of Justice (DOJ), UnitedHealthcare

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Monitoring Matters

It’s time to clip Cl0p

August 23, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Onomatopoeia? More like I-don’t-want-to-pay-ya. That’s right, this week I want to talk about the out-of-control rise of ransomware. There were some other hot topics this week, like NAPCO’s sudden misfortune, but I’d like to hear from their earnings call next week for full context. Besides, all weekend I have heard about nothing but more and more ransomware incidents hitting some notable names. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear about it either. According to the NCC...

ALPHV, BlackCat, Cl0p, CloudNordic, data breach, Ransomware, Seiko

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City of Dallas struck by Royal Ransomware


City of Dallas struck by Royal ransomware

May 5, 2023SSN Staff

DALLAS – On May 3, the City of Dallas found itself dealing with a Royal ransomware attack that knocked its police department website offline and infected multiple servers. Though the attack was being managed according to the city’s incident response plan, with the city working to isolate the ransomware and prevent its spread, its impact was ultimately limited to a small amount of local government services and its police department website. As of its most recently published update,...

ALPHV, BlackCat, City of Dallas, Kendall Larsen, Ransomware, Ring LLC, Royal, VirnetX

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Ring seemingly hit by ransomware group


Ring seemingly hit by ransomware group

March 14, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Ransomware gang ALPHV has claimed to have breached Ring LLC and is threatening the release of its data. News began making the rounds on March 13 that the video doorbell and security camera company had been breached by the group who left the message, “There’s always the option to let us leak your data.” In response Ring has denied the breach to various news outlets, stating instead the victim was a third-party vendor, however reporting by Joseph...

ALPHV, BlackCat, Jamie Siminoff, Jason Koebler, Joseph Cox, malware, Ransomware, Ring LLC., security camera, security teams, video doorbell, vx-underground

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