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1 Time, new general manager and a new direction

1 Time, new general manager and a new direction Michael Joseph to help forge the company�s dealer program

HENDERSON, Nev.— Michael J. Joseph, a veteran of the security industry, is pioneering a new dealer program for 1 Time, a small third-party central station in a suburb of Las Vegas, after joining as VP, general manager and part-owner of the company at the end of September.

“We encourage our dealers to remain independent business people. We don't buy accounts from them, we want them to build their business for themselves,” Joseph told Security Systems News.

Joseph described the appeal of 1 Time as now being twofold; the personal level of service that 1 Time can offer as a smaller central station combined with the recognition that follows Joseph after his 38 years in the industry.

“I've seen how to grow a business from a corporate perspective,” said Joseph, “I think that's part of the attraction to our dealers.”

“I can work with independent dealers, and I can give them the structure they don't have. I can teach them, do a lot of business consulting from that perspective on how to develop marketing programs, how to develop internal programs for maximizing the efficiency of your staff, how to grow your staff at the appropriate times. � And those are the relationships that our dealers seem to value,” Joseph told SSN.

1 Time has a couple thousand accounts that they manage, Joseph estimated, “but we anticipate some significant growth over the next several months.”

A few hundred of those accounts were recently acquired since the start of its new dealer program around the beginning of October, according to Joseph.

Dealers will become “disenchanted” with larger central stations and look more toward the “personalized” customer service that 1 Time can offer, predicts Joseph.


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