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'20 under 40' Class of 2018—Steve Sinclair

'20 under 40' Class of 2018—Steve Sinclair

Steve Sinclair, 38

Managing director, G4S

Jupiter, Fla.

Steve Sinclair, who has been with G4S for 12 years, oversees the strategy, sales and operations for the critical infrastructure group for G4S Secure Integration, which is the technology integration division of G4S North America.

“In my role, we have a center of excellence located in Willowbrook, Ill., where we develop policies, procedures, standardized documents, risks consulting, tactical consulting, system implementation, system engineering design for various infrastructure customers throughout the U.S.,” he said. “I get to secure billions of dollars in assets throughout the U.S., so it is pretty exciting to be on the cutting edge of policy, procedure and implementation strategies for the site.”

Prior to G4S, Sinclair got his first taste of security working for a company called Nuclear Security Services Corp., which was acquired by G4S eight years ago. “We were about a 110-person company that focused on nuclear security, system integration, and I kind of worked my way up through the ranks, starting out in marketing and then going all the way to my current role with G4S.”

Sinclair said he likes working with new technology and thinks autonomous drones and IoT are “probably the most exciting and interesting technologies for future applications in our space. I see the opportunity to create more efficiencies, and better-suited solutions for the industry as a whole, not only to keep people safe using technology in lieu of manpower but also offsetting or enhancing the security practitioner. I also see leveraging IoT sensors for multiple different applications in our customer space.”

In regard to luring more talent to security, Sinclair said there are good prospects coming out of the military and the tech sector that “do not necessarily see the broad horizon or immediate avenues of opportunities within this space. Targeting those areas for interest could be beneficial for our industry.”


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