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40 under 40: April Chastain, Owen Security Solutions

40 under 40: April Chastain, Owen Security Solutions

40 under 40: April Chastain, Owen Security Solutions

YARMOUTH, Maine—April Chastain’s daily focus on efficiency and best practices is one reason why Owen Security Solutions is a trusted property and life safety solutions company in North Georgia.

Chastain is the Director of Operations at the Calhoun, Ga.-based electronic security company, and has been with the family-run business for 10 years. She started off as a customer service representative before working her way up to her current position.

“My day-to-day responsibilities include organizing and overseeing the daily operations of the company,” she told Security Systems News. “Monitoring and auditing effectiveness of the implantation of new and improved strategies. Data analysis to work on the profitability and efficiency of the company. Ensuring the company policies and procedures are well coordinated and productive. Regularly coaching staff to grow and inspire our employees to be the best they can be both personally and professionally.”

Before beginning her career in the security industry, Chastain worked as a server who just started a family and had a baby when she applied at Owen Security.

“They were a local company looking to hire a customer service representative. I enjoy talking to and helping people, so it seemed like a good opportunity,” she said. “I started learning about the security industry and became really intrigued and passionate about the life-saving aspects, along with the cool technology. I enjoy being involved in the community, which our company is very passionate about.”

Trends and Integration

Chastain cited three trends of importance in the security industry today.

“I see CCTV, analytics, and access control really trending,” she noted. “I see these only getting more advanced and technology forward. I also see these becoming more and more affordable as it is what the consumers desire.”

Integration is one of the most exciting aspects of security technology, according to Chastain. 

“The newest exciting security technology has to be the ability to integrate new features with the entire system,” she explained. “For instance, having your camera system have the capability to take a temperature or face recognition allowing a door to open. The newest systems and equipment allow more touch-free and contact-free security options for the consumer.”

Understanding Priorities

As the United States deals with “Round Two” of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant, Chastain stressed the importance of setting your priorities – both personally and professionally - during these unpredictable times.

“In today’s society, it is very important to understand your priorities,” she said. “For myself, God, my family, then my business are my top priorities. It is crucial to make sure your daily activities line up with those priorities. Doing this will ensure that you are reaching your goals and not spinning in circles.

“In our company we have found the importance of our goals and core values. No matter what is going on in the world, are our practices lining up with those goals and core values, and if not, having the flexibility to adapt. For instance, being able to pick up and work remotely at the drop of a hat and truly embracing remote workers. Being able to think outside the box is another integral part of being successful. You have to be able to adapt to any curveball thrown your way.”

Cybersecurity Becoming Relevant

When asked what her views were on the security industry going forward, Chastain responded that she believes cybersecurity is going to become “more and more relevant” in the industry.

“Learning how to integrate that with the rest of the system is a huge advantage,” she added. “I see the industry creating more advanced options in the CCTV and access world for consumers, focusing on analytic intelligence.”

Community Relations

Chastain noted the importance of security companies getting out into the communities and in schools to attract young, talented people and “explain what our industry is about.”

“I would love to see classes offered at technical colleges for our industry,” she added. “Offering job flexibility, remote working, and employee appreciation are all areas we focus on when recruiting and interviewing. These areas are what the next generation are wanting and needing when looking for full-time work.”


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