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40 under 40: Taylor Reilly, account manager, Rapid Response Monitoring

40 under 40: Taylor Reilly, account manager, Rapid Response Monitoring

40 under 40: Taylor Reilly, account manager, Rapid Response Monitoring

YARMOUTH, Maine—Taylor Reilly, 29, is an account manager at Rapid Response Monitoring, a provider of professional monitoring services for independent alarm dealers, commercial fire integrators, medical & life safety providers, and smart home innovators, based out of Syracuse, N.Y. Find out what inspired her to pursue a career in the security industry, what being a "40 under 40" winner means to her, what appeals to her about the security industry, and more. 

SSN: Describe your roles, duties, and tenure at your current job. 

40 under 40REILLY: As the account manager for the West Region at Rapid Response, I support our dealers by empowering them to maximize the potential of our partnership, driving business growth, and ensuring their utmost satisfaction with our services. I’m proud to have joined #TeamRapid a year ago. It has been the busiest, and best year of my career, and I have spent the time learning every single day. Being a part of this industry and team is truly rewarding. I am eager to continue nurturing strong, long-term relationships with our dealers and to be an active and reliable resource for business growth.

SSN: What inspired you to pursue a career in the security industry?

REILLY:  Well, that’s an easy one! Both my mom and aunt have been in the low-voltage industry for over 30 years. My mom started in 1991, following in my aunt’s footsteps who started in the late 1970s. Being a child of a young single mom, I spent a lot of time with her in the office. Once I finished my homework after school, her warehouse manager would keep me busy with various tasks such as gathering miscellaneous parts and screws for job orders he was working on or organizing the service techs’ packets for their scheduled morning routes.

Now that I’m at Rapid Response, it’s funny to think back to my 11-year-old self, listening to my CD player while I filed central station reports. I had no idea I’d be here twenty years later. Looking back, I’m extremely grateful for the exposure those years gave me to the business.

After college, I worked as an analyst with a valuation and consulting firm in New England. When I decided to move home to San Diego, I took on a short-term consulting project with a commercial systems integrator that was prepping for sale. Due to my deeply rooted childhood curiosity, what I had initially thought would be a two-quarter long project to work on while I looked for a position at a local firm, quickly turned into a passion and what I now plan to call a lifelong career. My next job was in the security acquisitions space, where I worked until I made the transition to the professional monitoring space last summer. I feel like I’ve really found my place in this industry. I am learning every day and am excited for what the future holds.

SSN: What does being named a winner of SSN's 40 under 40 mean to you?

REILLY: I am immensely honored to be recognized and grateful to all the incredible role models and mentors who have guided and inspired me. This award not only fuels my determination and commitment to this field, but also motivates me to pay it forward by supporting and uplifting the next generation of aspiring professionals. I am truly humbled and deeply thankful.

SSN: As a young leader, what appeals to you about the security industry?

REILLY: We make a difference every day. It’s that simple when you think about it. Our industry is made up of amazing professionals that are constantly looking for the next great way to safeguard and serve our customers. In the professional monitoring arena, we are there for customers in their time of need. Our response saves (and changes) lives every day. That’s the greatest reward of all.

SSN: With the hiring, recruitment and retention challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the security industry engage young talent?

REILLY: I think outreach and education are key factors to showcase the countless opportunities available in our technology-driven industry. This industry offers diverse and rewarding career pathways many may not know about. They are very appealing to individuals with varying interests and skill sets. As security professionals, we hold a vital role in safeguarding people, assets, and sensitive information. I know that is what appealed to me. Young leaders want to make a meaningful impact in their work. We can empower these future professionals to make a positive difference in the world by joining us to protect lives and property and serve society as a whole.


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