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ADT introduces new location-sharing features for SoSecure by ADT app

ADT introduces new location-sharing features for SoSecure by ADT app Mobile safety app provides enhanced tools to help keep loved ones safe and connected

BOCA RATON, Fla.—ADT, a provider of safe, smart and sustainable solutions for people, homes and businesses, has announced new location-sharing features for its SoSecure by ADT mobile safety app, keeping users in touch with loved ones from virtually anywhere.

The feature-loaded personal safety app offers the most discreet ways to call for help, including an SOS slider button, SMS chat, video or hands-free with a custom secret phrase, even from a locked screen. Premium features include crash detection and roadside assistance.

SoSecure is ideal for anyone who wants to feel safe on the go or keep track of loved ones. Whether walking home from work or school, going on an early morning run, or stuck with a flat tire, help is always at hand with SoSecure.

Real-time location sharing

The new real-time, location-sharing feature enables SoSecure users to invite family and friends to join private groups to share their locations or create a check-in. In addition to seeing each other’s locations, users can save favorite spots like home, school or work and get alerts when someone in their group arrives or leaves.

Users can create an unlimited number of location-sharing groups for free. SoSecure is available on both iOS and Android phones, making it easy for cross-platform families and friends to stay protected and connected within a single app.

“SoSecure’s new location-sharing features allow families and groups of friends to stay connected from virtually anywhere, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are safe,” said Leah Page, Vice President, Emerging Business & Mobile Security at ADT. “For parents, it’s a great way to confirm if their kids arrived home from school safely, and for users who have aging loved ones, it’s a way to keep an eye on their safety from afar.”

Key location-sharing features include:

  • Groups: Users can create private groups of up to 10 people within the app to see each other’s locations and receive alerts when members arrive and leave spots they’ve created. Create as many groups as you’d like!
  • Location sharing: Once users open the app, they will have instant access to the group members’ locations via a private map.
  • Spots: Users can add “spots” or locations they frequent like home, school or work. When alerts are enabled for these spots, the app creates geofences that will notify group members when another person in the group enters or leaves the pre-defined spot. Note: Groups on a Free SoSecure Basic plan can create up to three spots. With a SoSecure Plus plan, groups can create up to 50 spots, and with a SoSecure Premium plan, groups can create up to 100 spots.
  • Check-ins: Users can check in from virtually anywhere even if they have not created a new spot. One tap notifies all group members where you’ve checked in.

In addition to location-sharing, SoSecure is loaded with features to help keep users and their loved ones safe, including:

  • TrackMe: Users can set a timer for any activity and invite ADT and Guardians to track them via GPS. If the timer expires and ADT can’t confirm the user is safe, ADT will alert 911 and their Guardians.
  • SOS Voice: Users can set up a customized secret phrase, and when they say the phrase, the app will discreetly call for help (even while in locked mode). This helps eliminate the steps of unlocking the phone and navigating the app, providing an even faster way to summon help from ADT. The voice activation feature enables users to alert authorities without an attacker knowing or if they have fallen and can’t reach their phone.
  • SOS Video: The video monitoring feature allows users to start a video call with an ADT monitoring agent if they feel unsafe, filming themselves or their surroundings. The agent can take action based on what is being shown. After a video monitoring session has ended, ADT stores the video which can be provided to law enforcement for evidentiary purposes with user consent.
  • Crash Detection: If the app detects that the user has been in an accident, an ADT monitoring agent will automatically check on the user and quickly send help to their location if needed. Protection is tied to the user’s device, not the vehicle, so crash detection will work in any ride the user is in.
  • Roadside Assistance: If a user finds themselves with a flat tire, dead car battery or other car-related issues, they can quickly request roadside assistance via the app.

Users can choose one of SoSecure’s three plans: SoSecure Basic (FREE), SoSecure Plus and SoSecure Premium. SoSecure Plus and SoSecure Premium each require a monthly subscription.

The SoSecure app was voted as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021 according to TIME. To learn more about SoSecure, visit The SoSecure app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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