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ADT launches ADT Go

ADT launches ADT Go ADT partnered with Life360 to deliver a mobile app that extends security outside of the home

LAS VEGAS—ADT partnered with Life360, a company focused on protecting and connecting families through a mobile application, to launch ADT Go today.

“The partnership with ADT is particularly interesting across a couple different vectors,” Alex Haro, Life360's co-founder and president, told Security Systems News. “If you think about why people get home security it is to protect not only the things in their house, but also the people,” he said, adding that ADT Go brings peace of mind to customers outside of their homes.

Haro called ADT Go the evolution of the ADT Anywhere offering that was discussed during CES 2017. ADT Go combines Life360's proprietary location technology with ADT's monitoring and response capabilities.

ADT Go means a lot for the industry as a whole, according to Haro. “We really are taking the best of what Life360 has built and [are] really starting to disrupt home security. Instead of being this thing that's just about your house, it's really about protecting the family overall—and I think that is the long-term evolution of home security as a general industry.”

A large difference between Life360's app and ADT Go will be the SOS feature, where users can connect with one of ADT's monitoring agents if they need assistance. Haro said that ADT and Life360 could build more features exclusive to ADT Go, “as we fully launch this and start to get user feedback and really understand how our users are using it.”

ADT Go will give families more options for connectivity, including family location sharing, private messaging, activity history and battery life alerts. Another feature can give users information on crime in their area.

The app can also let users know when family members arrive at or leave certain areas, like their home, school or workplace. Additionally, “Driver safety alerts notify family automatically when a crash is detected, dispatches emergency services and stays on the line until help arrives as well as provides extended roadside assistance for minor accident support,” according to ADT Go's announcement.

ADT Go is available to consumers that don't have an ADT security system.

“We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, no matter where they are, and the need to protect your family doesn't stop at the front door,” Jay Darfler, senior vice president, emerging markets at ADT, said in a prepared statement. “ADT Go represents an opportunity to redefine what personal security truly means. By partnering with Life360, our hope is to empower more families to experience life because they feel safe.”


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