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CSAA launches pair of surveys

CSAA launches pair of surveys

VIENNA, Va.—The Central Station Alarm Association has launched a pair of surveys, one dealing with the proposed “Alarm Monitoring Model Licensing Act,” and another with industry compensation practices, according to separate news releases from the CSAA.

With respect to the proposed legislation, CSAA takes the position that a nationwide licensing bill would help monitoring companies with national or regional footprints combat some of the burdens associated with obtaining proper licensing across various states.

To combat these challenges, as well as other issues related to individual state licenses for alarm monitoring companies, the CSAA Contract Monitoring Council, represented by the Alarm Industry Communication Committee (AICC), is exploring a bill that would be a nationwide licensing bill that would be “beneficial to central station monitoring companies,” the release noted. The survey seeks to collect feedback from monitoring companies about their interest in supporting the agenda.

The other CSAA survey is designed to assist monitoring companies with hiring and making sound compensation decisions.

“The information gathered through this survey will be very useful to central station companies looking to improve or expand their businesses,” Bud Wulforst, past president of CSAA, who was instrumental in the development of the survey, said in a prepared statement. “If, for instance, you are a national monitoring company, how do you know what is a fair and competitive wage in Missouri versus California?”

He added, in the statement: “And what if you are only monitoring video, as opposed to fire, burglary, PERS, temperature, or other monitoring outlets? This survey will help you with that data.”


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