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Dynamark sets sights on Southwest

Dynamark sets sights on Southwest Groff: Dyanmark eyeing central stations in Texas, New Mexico, So Cal or Nevada

HAGERSTOWN, Md.—Dynamark, an established East Coast monitoring center, plans to go west in 2016, Hank Groff, Dynamark's senior vice president of sales and business development, told Security Systems News.

“We're looking for central stations that want to sell, preferably in the western U.S., and then any alarm companies who would also like to sell—no particular size in mind.”

The company didn't complete any acquisitions in 2015 or 2014, Groff said, but plans to be “aggressive” in acquisitions this year.

“Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, … southern California and Nevada would be the [areas] we would look at for acquisition and keeping the facility open,” he said. The company is interested in portfolio acquisitions from anywhere in the U.S.

“The reason we want to acquire a [central station] out west is to expand [our presence in other] time zones and enhance our growing Hispanic customer base,” Groff said.        

Dynamark would fund acquisitions through a “network of banking partners,” Groff said. “This strategy allows us the freedom to grow at a pace that works best for our goals.”

The company is open to acquiring a monitoring center with a different automation software, Groff said. Dynamark uses Bold's Manitou automation platform.

Dynamark also plans to expand its state licensing this year, adding Oregon, New Mexico and Oklahoma to its list of licensed states.

Groff said the company is looking to expand in other ways as well, such as adding dealers and partners. “A strong goal would be to add 15- to 20 new partners and an additional 40- to 50 new wholesale dealers,” he said.

Dynamark has been in the security business for more than 40 years.


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