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Emerging Leaders Under 40: Mitch Hacker, senior marketing manager, Intellicene

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Mitch Hacker, senior marketing manager, Intellicene

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Mitch Hacker, senior marketing manager, Intellicene

YARMOUTH, Maine—Mitch Hacker, 30, is the senior marketing manager for Intellicene, based out of Los Angeles. Find out what his roles and responsibilities are, what being an Emerging Leader Under 40 means to him, what attracts him to the security industry as a young leader, and more. 

SSN: In 100 words or less, summarize your current role, outlining responsibilities and length of service.

Emerging Leaders Under 40HACKER: As Intellicene’s senior marketing manager, I excel in sculpting brand narratives, breathing life into the company's vision and mission. Their fingerprints are on every facet of the new brand, meticulously shaping new and compelling messaging that resonates with our target audience. I lead the charge on showcasing the company's pioneering security technologies, crafting a narrative that positions Intellicene as the market leader it is.

Innovating in marketing strategies, I navigate the dynamic landscape, ensuring the brand not only stands out but also sets the standard. Their collaborative spirit unifies cross-functional efforts, transforming challenges into triumphs, and their insights guide campaigns that leave an indelible mark on the industry.

SSN: In 100 words or less, share what attracts you to the security industry as a young leader.

HACKER: I am drawn to the security industry by the dynamic challenges it presents, offering a platform to innovate and safeguard against evolving threats. The prospect of shaping and implementing cutting-edge technologies, coupled with the critical responsibility of protecting individuals and organizations, captivates my sense of purpose. The industry's rapid advancements and the opportunity to contribute to global safety foster a compelling environment for personal growth and leadership development. The fusion of technology, strategy, and ethical responsibility makes the security sector the perfect blend of areas for emerging leaders passionate about making a meaningful impact on the world.

SSN: In 100 words or less, describe the significance of being recognized as an SSN Emerging Leader Under 40 winner.

HACKER: Being selected as an SSN Emerging Leader Under 40 winner is a personal validation of your unwavering commitment and outstanding leadership within the security industry. It goes beyond professional achievement, reflecting your dedication to innovation and excellence. This recognition acknowledges the hard work invested in building a new brand, while also opening doors to collaborations and a network of industry peers. It's a personal milestone, showcasing you as a rising star and influential contributor, amplifying the impact of your work. The award not only honors your past successes but also propels you toward future endeavors, making it a profoundly meaningful affirmation of your role in shaping the future of security systems.



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