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Equifax to strengthen supply chain security with CloudControl

Equifax to strengthen supply chain security with CloudControl

ATLANTA – Today Equifax announced the implementation of the CloudControl dashboard, software meant to bring a greater degree of security for organizations using Equifax’s products and services.

CloudControl provides improved security to digital supply chains and provides real-time insights into Equifax products security posture. The company says the introduction of CloudControl is part of the company’s commitment to furthering transparency in cybersecurity. 

"We believe that more communication, more collaboration, and more transparency equals stronger security," said EVP and Chief Information Security Officer of Equifax, Jamil Farshchi. "We know that combatting today's cyber threats requires that all organizations work together and build a collective defense. That's why we're arming our customers with the insights they need to strengthen their own digital supply chain with Equifax CloudControl so they have transparency into the security of their Equifax products and solutions. We're helping them to reduce risk while forging the path for much-needed security transparency."

The need for transparency is clear for Equifax who suffered one of the largest data breaches on record in 2017 exposing 147.9 million Americans among others to identity theft. As a result, the company offered settlement funds and free credit monitoring for four years.

Now Equifax says the industry analysts have identified digital supply chains as one of the most important security trends to watch for in 2022. CloudControl is designed to address that concern by empowering customers through detailed insights, giving them important information needed to make, “informed risk decisions”. The dashboard provides an aggregate security posture for Equifax products used by the customer and has the ability to export data for use in risk modeling. That Equifax says reduces the reliance on point in time questionnaire-based supplier assessments.

"CloudControl delivers unprecedented security insights, in real-time, to the thousands of customers who utilize our Equifax Cloud-based products and services," said Zach Tisher, Equifax’s Vice President of Security Risk. "The result means that security professionals – from analysts to the CISO – will have the data they need to gain confidence in the strength of their digital supply chain."

CloudControl is scheduled to be implemented for free in the coming months. Equifax encourages anyone with questions about the CloudControl initiative to contact [email protected].


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