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Five Questions: Bob Grove

Five Questions: Bob Grove

Select Security recently named Bob Grove as its new director of field operations and training. Grove first joined Select Security in 2003 as an installation technician and quickly rose through the ranks, most recently serving as the technical training manager. In addition to ensuring training across the enterprise, Grove now oversees more than 60 technicians and managers of the operations team. Security Systems News caught up with Grove and asked him five questions.

What is something your coworkers may not know about you?

People don't know that I spent three months in intensive care from an 18-wheel tractor-trailer accident when I was 14. It was first day of summer break, and I had just gotten a new bicycle when I got hit. I was in an induced coma and woke up three months later.

Are you married? Any kids? Pets?

I have been married 22 years. We started dating at 15, got married at 19 and we have two children—one just graduated college and the other is leaving for the Air Force. So we will be empty nesters starting this October. We also have a toy poodle, about 8 pounds, named Sophie.

Where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in a railroad town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, called Columbia, which used to be the capital of the United States—a lot of people don't know that because it was only for about three days. The capital then moved to York and then ultimately to the District of Columbia. I now live only five miles north of my hometown in Mount Joy.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?

I like to play poker and have competed in the World Series of Poker in Vegas and played in three countries. My wife and I play pickle ball at least three nights a week, and we also like to play tennis. I am a self-trained stock trader as well.

Do you have a favorite author?

I love history and anything historical. Josh McDowell and Francis Chan are two of my favorite authors. McDowell writes a series of books called The Evidence That Demands A Verdict and The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict. It is all Christian history, including evidence about creation and about the lifecycles of the churches to where they are today.


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