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Growing interest in biometrics clear in SSN News Poll

Growing interest in biometrics clear in SSN News Poll

Growing interest in biometrics clear in SSN News Poll

YARMOUTH, Maine – Biometrics continues to gain ground as it finds a variety of applications in the security industry, and so Security Systems News asked readers to weigh in this month on how the technology is currently serving their needs.

For our first question we asked: Does your business or organization currently use biometric technology? An equal number of respondents, 42.86%, replied both “Yes, we’re currently leveraging fingerprint/retina scans/facial/voice recognition software,” and “No, currently we do not.” 14.29% indicated that plans were in place to begin using biometrics in the workplace at some point in the future.

Next, we asked poll participants: What application of biometrics is or would be most valuable to your business or organization? An overwhelming 71.43% of responses favored using biometrics for security applications like access restriction and asset protection. 28.57% saw no useful application for biometrics in their workplace and none were interested in leveraging the technology for human resources and staffing purposes.

Finally, we asked respondents: Do you prefer the use of biometrics to more traditional access control methods like keycard readers? 28.57% had no preference at all and an overwhelming majority, 71.43%, said they prefer the use of biometrics over more traditional access control. No responses protested its use.

While no readers offered specific comments this month the numbers have made it clear. Biometrics are here to stay, and they’ll only continue to gain ground in the industry.


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