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How I Use My System: Domenic Cipollone

How I Use My System: Domenic Cipollone

Domenic Cipollone, regional VP and general manager middle Tennessee and Kentucky, He is responsible for four branch locations and their overall profitability. He started in the alarm industry “right out of college,” 28 years ago and joined ADS two years ago. Security Systems News talked with him in early January about the system he has at home.

And what kind of system do you have?

I have the First Alert 168 with a Tuxedo keypad. We do all of our perimeter doors and first level windows. We do some glass break protection. I've got smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on both levels. We've got the automation with it also—a couple door looks, and I've got the automated thermostat.

Why this particular setup?

Typically I spend some time away from home; we've had alarm systems in the house ever since I've been in the business. It just gives my wife and son peace of mind while I'm gone or even while I'm there. We do arm it every night.

What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?

It's gotten to the point where the security is one thing, but the convenience and automation pieces of our system today are big for us. When we turn on the system and leave the house it will automatically set our HVAC system. When we come home and disengage the keypad it automatically unlocks the door. We can completely control our system from our smartphones.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?

As far as the future of the business, I think you're going to see automation increase. I think video in the home is becoming a big, big deal, and the costs are coming down to a point where more and more people can afford the systems.


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