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How I Use My System: Dustin Vermast

How I Use My System: Dustin Vermast

Dustin Vermast is the strategic project manager with Security ONE, a full-service security company based out of Leamington, Ontario. Prior to joining the company about a year ago, “I spent the better part of my career in finance, in the banking industry,” Vermast said. Joining the security industry allowed him to pursue a passion for technology, he added. Vermast talked with Security Systems News in early March about his home alarm system.

What kind of system do you have?

I have a Lynx 7000. …  I have three motions, five door contacts. I have smart scenes that I have set up with some Z-wave lamp modules and lights that really give me peace of mind that when I'm away … that can mimic the perception that someone's home.

Why this particular setup?

At the time when I got it, it was the biggest screen that we could get [from] Honeywell. We're a Honeywell authorized dealer, so that's typically what I'm going to put in my home: what we sell. The big screen made a big difference. The [back-up] communication path was important to me. … I also wanted something that didn't necessarily look like your standard alarm panel on the wall. I like the fact that is has images that are uploaded, that it kind of turns it into a digital photo frame, makes it a bit inconspicuous.

What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?

Total Connect. … Having the ability to communicate with my system in my home remotely—100 percent—gives me peace of mind that if I'm away, if I'm at work, if I have to unlock a door, if I have to disarm the system—I don't have to provide codes to anybody. The remote access is hands-down the nicest feature.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?

Certainly more automation. I think the security industry has turned from specifically a burglary and life safety component to including your smart scenes, your Z-Wave devices, your thermostats … to be able to control that from afar. I do think it's only going to get bigger in terms of pulling in those other Internet of Things [devices].


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