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On Location: Central Station with Security Partners

On Location: Central Station with Security Partners Company to offer Mace brand products

LAS VEGAS—Security Partners officially opened its fourth central station here, following its November announcement, and now its dealers are going to offer a line of exclusive Mace-brand products, Mike Bodnar, company president, told Security Systems News.

The Mace line of products will give Security Partners dealers new ways to increase RMR while also utilizing the recognizable Mace brand, John McCann, Mace Security CEO and president, told SSN. One of the new products will be a diesel tank monitor that will watch fuel levels and detect contamination.

Security Partners and Mace have done business before. In 2013, Security Partners purchased Mace's central station in Anaheim, Calif. Bodnar said that Security Partners plans to move that central to a new location in Anaheim.

Security Systems News toured Security Partners' new Las Vegas central station April 14.

The signage in the facility's secure vestibule at the front of the building visually represents Security Partners and its new location. A neon Security Partner's sign is paired with a “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

 Photo: Associate editor for SSN, Spencer Ives (left), toured Security Partners' Las Vegas facility with Mike Bodnar (right).

Security Partners has design elements in each of its four central stations that reflect the location, Bodnar said.

The company hosted a grand opening event on April 13, which was attended by 50 people.

The central station will have 60 operators, some of whom moved here from Security Partners' other locations. “They didn't miss a beat for us, they got here and got up and running,” Bodnar said.

Bob Schott, Security Partners' director of information technologies, pointed out that there is still evidence that the building used to be a government data facility, such as an air conditioning unit that takes up a large room. Schott said that it is the biggest A/C unit he's seen anywhere, including at airports.

The facility also has a diesel reserve with enough fuel to keep the station running for eight 1/2 days, Schott said.

Security Partners has a private cloud server in the facility, which it will use to offer a variety of cloud-based services to its dealers. “The applications are really limitless,” Schott said.


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