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Loose Ends

Loose Ends

I’m pretty sure I said a few weeks ago I was finishing up my ISC West coverage, but low and behold I am still squeezing just a little bit more blood from this stone.

Only one, maybe two more actual stories this week, but I spoke with so many great people and companies I didn’t want to let them just slip by. However, the news waits for no one, therefore I must pull my nose out of my notes and get back to the present. So as a compromise I’m using this week’s blog to talk about a few of the excellent connections I made at the show I haven’t yet covered.

One of my booth visits allowed me time to speak with Viakoo CEO Bud Broomhead, who gave me the low down on the work they’re doing with helping their clients IoT device cyber hygiene. We also briefly discussed their recent partnership with Presideo and their strong market growth this year.

At the Diatek booth I got to lay hands on some of their surge protection equipment and let me tell you, in a convention center literally full of people talking about the cloud non-stop I appreciate anyone that can hand me something tangible. Director of Sales Jason Klein was a gracious host and cued me in to the history of the company and I got to see that thanks to their in-house production they were able to sidestep the supply chain issues most other companies faced during the pandemic.

At Irisity AB, Chief Product and Marketing Officer Victor Hagelbäck discussed the first release of their company since their merger with Agent VI a year and a half prior, Irisity IRIS+, an AI powered video solution. At the show they were launching their first embedded agent for access allowing clients to go full SaaS with a cloud back end, only requiring an analytic server or appliance on site.

Those are just three of the visits I only got to skim the surface of. There was a fantastic water monitoring software, Water Dragon, at the booth, Noonlight personal security app, and how could I forget Shooter Detection Systems! Most of those are stories that I’m going to squeeze in here, one week or another in the future because they’re just doing exciting things.

For anyone I’ve left out I apologize. The only reassurance I can offer you is that they had a robot dog at this show, and I didn’t even get to play with it. My 8-year-old self would weep if he knew about the sacrifices we make for professionalism.


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