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Milestone updates XProtect to R2

Milestone updates XProtect to R2

Milestone update XProtect to R2

PORTLAND, Ore. – Following successful changes with its R1 iteration earlier this year, Milestone Systems has once again provided updates for its popular software, with XProtect 2023 R2.

Milestone said this update brings significant advancements with Adaptive Playback, Video Restrictions, the introduction of Adaptive View for Exports, a new Rapid REVIEW enhanced installer, and improvements in XProtect Management Server Failover capabilities. The company said in a release that the upgrades have been designed to meet the evolving needs of Video Management Software (VMS) users.

Breaking down the improvements, Milestone stated that in this update Adaptive Playback enables the Smart Client to switch seamlessly between high and low-resolution streams, introduces the Sharing a Camera Link feature (which allows users to share links to live video streams between users of the mobile client), and a focus on improving the user experience like an Adaptive View for exported video projects.

Additionally, the update provides enhanced security measures with new Video Restrictions, a functionality Milestone stated is designed to provide additional security provisions.  It does this by allowing operators to limit access to certain video sequences, including video, audio, and device metadata, to authorized personnel only. User permissions can be set to determine who can create, view, edit, and remove video restrictions.

Lastly the XProtect Management Failover Improvements provide increased security and lower cost of ownership for large installations when running SQL and management servers on separate machines. The new system can also reduce the number of servers needed because the domain controller is no longer required, letting both Management and Recording Servers run on the same machine.

This update follows on the heel of the XProtect Hospital Assist tool released last month, a data-driven video and audio solution designed to improve patient care in medical facilities and settings. “With an extra set of eyes and ears in patient rooms, our solution enables rapid response to incidents, ensuring the highest quality of patient care,” Rahul Yadav, chief technology officer at Milestone Systems, said at the time. “And by addressing critical staff shortages and streamlining efficiency, XProtect Hospital Assist paves the way for a better, safer, and more connected hospital environment worldwide. We are proud to unveil this innovative solution, designed to enhance hands-on patient care and reinforce the vital role of healthcare professionals."

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