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MONI sees success with signing bonus

MONI sees success with signing bonus The bonus program benefits more than small or start-up dealers, company says

DALLAS—At this year's ISC West 2017, MONI began offering dealers a signing bonus, and the company had “tremendous success” at the show, according to Travis Miller, company director of sales.

The signing bonus, which is valued at up to $25,000, is not a cash exchange, Miller noted. “Out of the gate, you're going to get a set amount of value in training materials and sales enablement tools to help your business get off the ground and going,” he told Security Systems News. “We want to make sure that as a new business owner, or as a new dealer in our program, you're putting your money and your resources and your investment in the right place so that your businesses can scale for success in the future.”

The sign-on bonus was opened for ISC West 2017 and will continue through the end of April, Miller said. MONI brought on between six and eight new dealers from the show with this bonus, Miller estimated. “We anticipate that number to probably double by the end of the offering.”

The company offered a similar bonus last year, with a smaller value. “Last year we did something kind of similar. It was of lesser value, but, we saw some potential in it,” Miller said, noting that this year's program includes more value to dealers.

“What we've � tried to accomplish here in the last year is build a program where we can [provide] our dealers with stuff out of the gate, packages to provide to their customers, commissions to pay to their sales reps, and provide them with sales enablement tools to make them more efficient out in the field.”

The program is not only applicable to smaller or start-up dealers, Miller said, “because we've scaled it to where, as a dealer coming into our program, the more you do the more you get.”

Depending on a dealer's performance, there are tiers of offerings they could receive through this program, Miller said. Offerings include website building and hosting, a customized interactive technology kiosk for events and an account with the Sales Rabbit program.

“One thing we're offering is our sales trainers to actually come out into the field and spend an entire week with you on-site, working with your team, whether it's in the office or out in the field,” Miller said.

In addition, MONI is gaining leads through various methods, such as its partnerships with AAA Mid-Atlantic and AARP. “Right now, we're getting 50,000-plus leads per year as a program that � we distribute out to our dealer network. That's one thing that new partners are always looking for.”

The program benefits MONI as well as its dealers. “We have healthier and stronger dealer partners, and that's something that we strive for. The dealers are the heart of our company; we've been 100 percent dealer-driven for many years,” Miller said.


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