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Monitronics launches new RISE program

Monitronics launches new RISE program Program to provide support to new dealers

DALLAS—Monitronics this week is launching a new sub-dealer program, RISE, designed to assist new dealers with growing their business.

“Whereas our normal go-to-market strategy has been targeted more at full service alarm companies, we're trying to expand our reach to encompass more individuals, and smaller sales teams that are out there today that are successful, but need a little help and guidance along the way,” Travis Miller, director of national accounts with Monitronics, told Security Systems News.

Dealers in the RISE program will have access to Monitronics' marketing resources and back-office support for customer service, scheduling and installation. In addition, dealers have access to educational resources.

Miller said the company projects that the program will bring 150 or more new dealers to Monitronics in the next 12 months.

Miller said that the ideal candidate for RISE would be in sales, wanting to learn more about the industry and progress in their career. “The company they're working for doesn't necessarily want to teach them all of the back-office operations or how to become their own company and do financial forecasting and planning.”

Monitronics has the incentive to teach these potential dealers more about the industry, according to Miller, “Because if they move on, and graduate to that next level, they're still going to be a part of our program, they're just going to be a full dealer of ours.”

The beginning phases of building a company are challenging for new dealers, Miller said. “A lot of younger dealers will come into the business, and they're very sales savvy; they have the ability to recruit, they have the ability to sell, they have the ability to lead. � They go full steam ahead, they bring in a lot of sales, but they're unable to support that business.”

RISE is primarily for dealers new to Monitronics, “but there may be dealers that we have today that are looking to expand or are looking to test new markets that we could certainly accommodate through this program,” Miller said.


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