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RGB Spectrum announces release of latest eBook

RGB Spectrum announces release of latest eBook

ALAMEDA, Calif. – RGB Spectrum, a provider of mission-critical video for real-time decision support, has announced the release of its latest eBook, "Better Ergonomics and Workflow for Emergency Communications Centers.”

This latest eBook from RGB Spectrum delves into the crucial role of ergonomics in enhancing efficiency and productivity within Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs).

Key highlights from the eBook include:

•RGB Spectrum's Unique Focus: Explore how RGB Spectrum is at the forefront of advanced ergonomics in designing and integrating video systems tailored specifically for ECCs. Our commitment is to empower operators with the tools they need to work more efficiently and effectively, facilitating the sharing of critical intelligence.

•Holistic Workflow Solutions: RGB Spectrum offers innovative solutions that address the entire information workflow within ECCs. From IP-based content distribution to video processing, multiview display, KVM control, and collaboration, our products are designed to optimize the operational capabilities of ECCs.

•XtendPoint KVM-over-IP: Dive into the details of our XtendPoint KVM-over-IP solution, a scalable platform that seamlessly connects operators to any combination of computers, including those with multi-head video outputs. This technology simplifies and secures the connection of encoded PC video signals and control signals from standard USB devices.

“The eBook provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by traditional ECC consoles and how RGB Spectrum's solutions are revolutionizing the way operators interact with their workstations,” the company wrote.

The eBook can be accessed online at



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