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SIAC offers e-notification for alarm ordinance changes

SIAC offers e-notification for alarm ordinance changes New Web feature automatically informs members about activity in their cities

FRISCO, Texas—The Security Industry Alarm Coalition is giving its members access to an upgraded online database to help them keep pace with ordinance changes that could affect the way they do business.

While SIAC has provided a state-by-state list of ordinances in the past, the database now allows members to be automatically notified via email when a city has been added to the list, or when policy changes have occurred in their municipality.

The “State Activity Report” is continually updated by SIAC and provides documents associated with each of the cities listed. There is no limit to the number of cities that a SIAC member can track within their state, and national and regional companies can request access to all states.

“Before, you wouldn't have had any way to know that a city had been added,” said Stan Martin, SIAC's executive director. “We can post whatever the [local] police department gives us, along with the status. You can pick up the actual ordinance or permit form.”

To access the free database, go to, scroll down to the lower right-hand corner of the home page and click on “State Activity Login.” On their first visit, users will be asked to fill out a short online application to receive an assigned password. This allows SIAC's directors to control who has access to the site.

“We are going to limit the access to legitimate people active in the alarm business, media and confirmed law enforcement,” Martin said. “If we have a doubt or we can't cross-check the person's identity, they won't get access. You can't use a personal email [address]; it should be a company email.”

To receive automatic updates when new cities have been added to the list, click on the red mailbox next to the heading “1 New Listing Notify.” The mailbox will then turn green, indicating the system is ready to send emails. To be notified about changes in cities already on the list, click the red mailbox next to the city name.

Martin said that while law enforcement officials will supply much of the information for the database, alarm dealers also can play a key role.

“We've only got a handful of people who work full time [at SIAC] and we do a pretty good job of keeping up with what's going on around the country, but the best source of information for us is the eyes and ears of all the active dealers out there,” he said. “If they know of a new ordinance that's being proposed or something that has changed, if they send us an email we can update the site with that information.”


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