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Silmar Electronics celebrating 60th anniversary

Silmar Electronics celebrating 60th anniversary

Silmar Electronics celebrating 60th anniversary

MIAMI – Silmar Electronics, Inc., a Florida-based wholesale distributor of low voltage security products with nine locations, is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The origins of the company date back to 1960, when founder Jorge Smith Sr. and his family emigrated from Cuba, arriving in Miami. Smith was an electrical engineer by trade and in 1963 started Silmar Electronics. His primary focus upon establishing the company was the manufacturer of eavesdropping devices, with the privacy laws of 1968 however the company changed direction and became a wholesale distributor and installer of low-voltage equipment.

In 1974 the installation division was eliminated, and the company dedicated itself to wholesale distribution. In 1986 the company opened its first location outside of Miami in Ft. Myers. Jorge Smith Sr. died shortly afterwards and passed the torch to his son. Six decades on, CEO Jorge Smith Jr. attributes Silmar's success to its attitude and environment.

“Silmar has always been family owned and operated. We treat our employees like family and try to create a work environment at each location that our employees want to be in 40 hours a week,” Smith said speaking with Security Systems News. “As a regional distributor, we realized a long time ago that we had to be persistent to get to the needed to better serve our dealers.  We needed to take on growth initiatives, but they had to be manageable; hockey stick growth is not sustainable.  If you do things the right way, treat everyone with respect, you will be able to outlast everyone else and be here for 60 years.”    

In order to better celebrate the company’s anniversary, they wanted to do something a bit more than business as usual. “We wanted to celebrate Silmar’s 60th anniversary by hosting events throughout the year that were more of a ‘Thank You’ to all our loyal dealers, than the traditional expo or road show,” Smith said. “With the support of our manufacturing partners, we have partnered with different entertainment venues and invited our dealers to come celebrate this milestone.”

Silmar is still going strong with over 180 distributed lines in security, home automation, fire alarm, CCTV, access control, locations in Florida and South Carolina, an export division, and over 80 employees. Jorge Smith Jr. was joined by his own son, Carlos Smith, in 2013 who has led efforts to further the company’s growth and focus on those core family values that see 40 percent of its workforce being 10-plus-year veterans.

“Coming from Cuba with nothing, the only thing Jorge Smith Sr. knew was family and working hard.  This country provided our family with an opportunity, and we have never taken that for granted.  Although Jorge Smith Sr. has not been around to see the growth Silmar has realized, it was his values and knowing that if you work hard, focus on what truly matters, you can create a company that can last for 60 years and beyond.”

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