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SSN news poll results break down opinions on digital identity

SSN news poll results break down opinions on digital identity

SSN news poll results breakdown opinions on digital identity

YARMOUTH, Maine – With the rise of contactless innovations brought on by the pandemic, digital identity has become an important facet of modern security.

This month’s news poll gets to the heart of its role in the industry. First up we asked readers about their preferred method of digital identity security. Only 14.29% of responses favor decentralized methods (blockchain, self-sovereign identity, etc.) while 42.86% believe that centralized (cloud-based management platforms, directory services etc.) is better, even so another 42.86 percent think that both methods have their uses.

For our second question we referenced a survey commissioned by GoDaddy that found half of Gen Z prefer using tap to pay, and asked readers if contactless payment adoption has been too slow or if caution was due. A majority of 42.86% agreed that yes, it’s time for more widespread adoption of contactless methods driven by digital identity. An equal amount of 28.57% said that no, convenience doesn’t outweigh costs associated with security breaches and technology failures or that they weren’t sure.

For our last question we referenced a report from Regula that found a rise in businesses verifying more foreigners and foreign documents due to the rise of digital nomads, accompanied by an 80% increase in international identity fraud. We asked readers whether digital identity verification should be streamlined. Unsurprisingly the same breakdown among readers for this question this month with 42.86% saying yes, 14.29% saying no, and an equal 42.86% saying it will depend on the methods.

“As this area evolves, keeping it simple to start is the best path to pursue,” one Security Systems News (SSN) reader wrote in response. “That said it is very likely that other more efficient hybrid solutions will evolve as adoption matures.”

That’s it for this month’s news poll. Next we’ll discuss the upcoming ISC West 2024 and what things are in store for attendees this year.



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