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SSN recognizes rising end users

SSN recognizes rising end users Meet the end users of the '20 under 40' Class of 2015

YARMOUTH, Maine—This year's Security Systems News End User “20 under 40” award winners (linked below) are in a class by themselves.

Their backgrounds are varied. A number started out working as security guards during their college days, learned the system inside and out and worked their way up to top jobs. Others, also achieving success at a relatively young age, have a history in the military; a couple were on track for a career in law but opted for private security. Mentors figured prominently in their decisions.

Christopher Moore was working in law enforcement when a mentor “sold me on private security,” he said. He learned the business “from the ground up,” and after the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 he was drawn to hospital security. He now is the manager of public safety, security and switchboard for Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth, Mass.

Now these young professionals, the future of the physical security industry, work in health care settings, for regional utilities, major hospitality venues and more. Their employers include NASA, Halliburton, GameStop, Georgia Power Company, Marvel Entertainment and Western Union.

The melding of physical security with IT is a hot topic with most of the winners. “We will continue to need to be knowledgeable about traditional physical security areas like guards, barriers and lighting, but it's now critical that security professionals understand IT and IT security,” said Jon Luhman, physical security manager for the National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Md.

Other topics winners broached with SSN included facial recognition technology, the integration of all their systems into one platform and drones.

Moore likened effective security to mixing a perfect cocktail. “You need the right combination of ingredients but over time the taste buds change. What you need to do is continue to re-evaluate and adjust the ingredients over time,” he said.

This year's "20 under 40" End Users are listed below:

Anjen� Abston, SL Green Realty


Robert Batista, Kane Realty Corporation


Ross Bourgeois, Mercedes-Benz Superdome/Smoothie King Center/Champion Square


Jason Brown, Wells Fargo


Brent Castagnetto, Western Electricity Coordinating Council


Mike Cholubko, City of Windsor


Edwin “Eddy” Collier, MGM Resorts International


Larry Gladhill, Boston Scientific


Michael Gonzalez, Hawaiian Electric


Andre LaLiberte, Halliburton Energy Services


Jon Luhman, National Cancer Institute


Christopher C. Moore, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital


Andre Podpolucha, Western Union


John Schroeder, GameStop


Matthew Slatoff, Marvel Entertainment


Ronnie Stevens, NASA, Johnson Space Center


Jeppie Sumpter, Western Kentucky University


Reggy Timothee, Comcast


Steven Ullom, Switch Ltd.


Rob Warmack, Georgia Power Company

We hope you enjoy reading the profiles of this impressive group of security professionals in the profiles below and on the next few pages. Each will honored at the SSN's TechSec Solutions conference Feb. 2-3 in Delray Beach, Fla.


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