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Xentry strengthens health care vertical arsenal

Xentry strengthens health care vertical arsenal Integrator looks for growth by tying health care technology sales into security technology sales

COLUMBUS, Ohio—With newly built sales, delivery and service teams on staff and a renewed partnership with healthcare technology provider Ascom, systems integrator Xentry is ready to expand its health care sector customer base.

Xentry has always derived about 40 percent of its revenue from health care. It bolstered that capacity in June when it acquired Acree Daily, an integrator that derived 35 percent of its revenue from health care work and was the largest Ascom dealer.

Although Xentry has acquired an Ascom dealer, it still needed to apply to be a dealer itself, Xentry CEO and president John Nemerofsky told Security Systems News. “We had to complete a business plan, put a full marketing effort into it ... and we had to pitch our plan to Ascom's CEO.”

Xentry announced Sept. 16 that it is now a certified Ascom dealer. Nemerofsky said Xentry intends to aggressively pursue health care jobs, like the $3.2 million job it just completed at Ohio State Medical Center, and it will have many people working on this effort.

Where Acree had one person working on Ascom sales, Xentry's expanded sales, delivery and service groups will work on this and other vertical markets, Nemerofsky said.

“Andre [Greco, Xentry VP] has built a team of 13 and Mark Ring, our director of operations has built a delivery team of eight project managers, five engineers and 27 technicians,” said Nemerofsky.

“Acree didn't have the [person pursuing Ascom sales] connected enough to the team selling access and video,” Nemerofsky said. “But now, under Andre, the teams are connected together, and there's so much more opportunity [for cross selling.]”

Greco, Ring and Scott Cooley are among several new hires at Xentry. “When you hire experienced people from within the industry, you're able to make dynamic change so much more quickly,” Nemerofsky said.


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