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General News

Strategies have changed since Columbine

February 4, 2014Leah Hoenen

BRUNSWICK, Maine—In the years since the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, the tactical response to active shooters has “done a 180.” When shots ring out, first responders are now trained to act immediately as opposed to waiting for backup.“The active shooter [situation] used to be that you'd hold and wait. Now, it's becoming that you go in and do a quick triage and minimize the threat and get things taken care of more rapidly,” said Bill Guindon, director of the Maine...

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General News

Experts: Schools can prepare successfully for disasters like tornadoes

May 22, 2013Amy Canfield

YARMOUTH, Maine—What can a school do when a monstrous EF5 tornado is barreling down upon it, packing winds of at least 200 mph? Follow through on what should already have been practiced many times, school security experts say.Monday's huge tornado in Moore, Okla., struck two schools. It pulled off the roof of Plaza Towers Elementary, where classes were still in session, and knocked down its cinder-block walls. News reports Tuesday afternoon said seven students died there as a result. Briarwood...

Columbine, emergency preparedness, Moore, Newtown, Oklahoma, physical security, Plaza Towers Elementary, SSN, Tornado Alley

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Monitoring Matters

Stepping up school security after Newtown

December 19, 2012Rich Miller

The outrage and debate in the wake of the Newtown massacre will inevitably bring change. It might not involve the federal action that many have demanded—a ban on assault weapons tops the list—but it is certain to include local initiatives that strengthen school security: improved access control, additional guard services, expanded video surveillance or a combination of the three. Unfortunately, school shootings are a problem that security alone can't address, involving complex issues...

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