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Monitoring Matters

Bit defenders

February 21, 2024Ken Showers, Managing Editor

This week international members of law enforcement patted themselves on the back for slaying the proverbial dragon of LockBit, but in reality, it’s just one head of the Hydra. I don’t mean to lessen or downplay that accomplishment either. This has been a serious blow to global cybercriminal activity and a victory against destabilizing actions taken by politically aligned criminal organizations (because let’s not pretend the ransomware gangs are largely state sponsored)....

Artificial Intelligence (AI), BlackCat, Cl0p, cybercriminals, data breach, LockBit, MOVEit, Ransomware

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Monitoring Matters

It’s time to clip Cl0p

August 23, 2023Ken Showers, Managing Editor

Onomatopoeia? More like I-don’t-want-to-pay-ya. That’s right, this week I want to talk about the out-of-control rise of ransomware. There were some other hot topics this week, like NAPCO’s sudden misfortune, but I’d like to hear from their earnings call next week for full context. Besides, all weekend I have heard about nothing but more and more ransomware incidents hitting some notable names. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear about it either. According to the NCC...

ALPHV, BlackCat, Cl0p, CloudNordic, data breach, Ransomware, Seiko

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