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New technology arrives to the security industry

June 28, 2019SSN Staff

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Modern society owes quite a bit of gratitude to the Ancient Greeks, whose inventions and discoveries are still used today — the alarm clock, automatic doors, Olympics, modern philosophy and more. Yet, if the Ancient Greeks were still in existence, they too, would more than likely also feel a sense of gratitude toward modern society for keeping their myths alive. Because these stories delve into the lives of deities, heroes and mythological creatures, creating a way...

Allied Universal, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data, HELIAUS, Helios, Mark Mullison, workflow management

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Antenna option for Helios surveillance now available

December 30, 2013SSN Staff

SAN DIEGO—Users can now add range-booster antennas to Helios surveillance systems, MicroPower Technologies has announced. With the antenna, the outdoor surveillance cameras can send video as far as two miles. The range-booster antenna increases signal sensitivity 16 times, extending the distance between the hub and hub antenna as much as 200 feet and allowing the hub antenna to be placed farther from the hub platform with minimal loss of signal, according to the release. With the new antenna,...

Dave Tynan, Helios, MicroPower Technologies, range-booster antenna, Video Surveillance

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