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Pivot3’s new features maximize uptime, simplify large-scale environment management

August 3, 2020SSN Staff

AUSTIN, Texas—Pivot3, provider of intelligent hyperconverged infrastructure solutions for mission-critical video, announced enhancements to its Acuity software platform to address system administration, maintenance and availability challenges often faced in large-scale video surveillance deployments. The new intelligent system health and best practices analysis features provide significant reductions in total cost of ownership, ensure 24x7 system uptime in large multi-petabyte environments...

Acuity, Cloud, Data, hyper converged, IP video surveillance, Pivot3, Video Analytics

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General News

Allied Universal employee saves toddler’s life

July 13, 2020SSN Staff

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Off-duty Allied Universal security guard and ex-Marine, Phillip Blanks, caught a three-year-old child who was dropped from the third story of a burning apartment building in Phoenix. Blanks was hanging out with a friend when he heard commotion outside. As smoke and flames engulfed the apartment, Blanks saw what was about to happen and ran towards the building to see how he could help. Within moments, he had a toddler in his arms. “I’d seen the building was on fire and...

Allied Universal, Cellphones, Data, fire and life safety

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Also Noted

WHIRC receives UL listing for 27 straight years

June 11, 2020SSN Staff

ROCKFORD, Minn.—WH International Response Center (WHIRC) received its Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) listing as a central monitoring station for the 27thstraight year, dating back to 1994. This means WHIRC has met or exceeded quality, safety and training standards set by UL. WHIRC is committed to exceeding UL’s standards to ensure continuity of quality service to its customers.  UL recently updated its requirement to not only improve the security of all data and information,...

central monitoring stations, Data, data security, Redundancy, The Monitoring Association (TMA), UL listed, WH International Response Center

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Data forensics: time is of the essence

July 3, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas—Huge volumes — think terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes and up into the quintillion bytes — of complex, digital data is constantly being generated and scattered into different physical and virtual locations such as online social networks, the cloud and personal network-attached storage units. Data never sleeps; it's a real vampire that can negatively affect all physical and virtual environments. All of this combined causes challenges for forensic...

cyber criminologist, cyber security, Cybersecurity, Data, Infocyte, Infocyte HUNT, Peter Stephenson

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New technology arrives to the security industry

June 28, 2019

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Modern society owes quite a bit of gratitude to the Ancient Greeks, whose inventions and discoveries are still used today — the alarm clock, automatic doors, Olympics, modern philosophy and more. Yet, if the Ancient Greeks were still in existence, they too, would more than likely also feel a sense of gratitude toward modern society for keeping their myths alive.Because these stories delve into the lives of deities, heroes and mythological creatures, creating a way for...

AI, Allied Universal, Data, HELIAUS, Helios, Mark Mullison, workflow management

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Comunale says SDC deal brings known quantities inhouse

November 24, 2010Martha Entwistle

HOUSTON—Tri-Ed Northern president Pat Comunale told Security Systems News that the acquisition, announced Nov. 23, of Security Data & Cable HQ, is a strategically important purchase that brings a well-known business and security executive into the Tri-Ed fold. Danny Cranford, the former owner of SDC, “opened up the original Houston branch for ADI in 1990,” Comunale said. “I've known him for the better part of 20 years.” Cranford “spun out his own operation [from...

Cable HQ, Data, Pat Comunale, Security, Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution

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