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Self-monitoring on the down low

September 19, 2012Tess Nacelewicz

I just saw an item that takes self-monitoring of a home security alarm system to new heights � or should I say to new lows? It also falls under the category of: “Dude, wouldn't it be easier (not to mention safer) to have your alarm system professionally monitored?” What I saw was on a site called Hack A Day. The site is devoted to news about hacking, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised about the item, which describes how a hacker who wanted to cancel his monitoring contract decided...

Iris, Lowe's, Rich Miller, Security Systems News (SSN)

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Monitoring Matters

Texas twist: N.Y. city outsourcing to collect alarm fines

August 29, 2012Rich Miller

A Long Island, N.Y., city frustrated by unpaid false-alarm fines is taking a familiar corporate path to change its fortunes: It's outsourcing the collection work. Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney told CBS News that the city of 35,000 is the first on Long Island to hire an outside company to go door-to-door collecting the fines. “I'm proud that we are innovative and the first ones doing this,” Tangney said. “And I think many municipalities will follow suit.” The...

Rich Miller, Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Security Systems News (SSN)

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Monitoring Matters

Lowe's Iris: Boon or bane in fight against false alarms?

August 8, 2012Rich Miller

On one hand, it's hard not to see the appeal of Lowe's new Iris home management system. It's do-it-yourself for those with the dexterity to install a thermostat, it's cloud-based so homeowners can control and check on their properties remotely, and it's inexpensive: starter kits range from $179 to $299, and there are no monthly fees for those who choose to do their own alarm monitoring. On the other hand, how many homeowners are really prepared to be their own central station? Sarah-Frances Wallace,...

Ken Kirschenbaum, Lowe's Iris, Rich Miller, Sarah-Frances Wallace, Security Systems News (SSN)

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