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How I use my system

How I use my system Talking panels and keypads with Bob Schott

Bob Schott was recently hired as director of information technology at Security Partners, a wholesale monitoring company based in Lancaster, Pa. In his new position, Schott will oversee all aspects of IT in Security Partners' three central stations. Schott got into the security with IASG, which was bought by Protection 1/CMS Monitoring in 2007. Prior to that, he held IT positions at some large companies, including Coca Cola and IBM. He was recruited by CMS before the company went public. “I was basically thrown into the industry and learned everything on the job,” he said. Here's how Schott handles security at home.

What kind of security system do you have?
I have a DMP XR550, with an ePad and Aqualite keypads with custom housings.

Why this particular setup?
I'm a big fan of DMP. I've had different variations of DMP panels over the years, and I love the reliability of the system. The IP communications in particular are probably the best product out there, ability-wise. I love the features like ePad, the virtual keypad you can have for smartphones. I have small children at home, too, so plugging in zone expanders to keep track of the kids is a really big thing to me.

What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?
I like the flexibility of it. It's got the network reporting, cellular backup and phone lines with digital dialers on them. So there is no way the system is not sending a signal, no matter what's happening in the area. It is very diverse.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?
It's going to be IP. POTS lines aren't going to last forever. I'd like to see the industry embrace the transition to IP. DMP and everybody else make IP communicators. It's as easy as putting a dial capture card into an existing panel just to convert it over.


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