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Iluminar announces release of StatusLight

Iluminar announces release of StatusLight

IRVINE, Calif. – Manufacturer and supplier of infrared and white light illuminators, iluminar Inc., has announced the release of StatusLight.

StatusLight is an agnostic IoT indicator lamp that’s been purpose built for the security industry according to iluminar. It houses over 36 full spectrum LEDs and is compact and lightweight in its design which indicates the status of an ongoing event. The product can receive alerts from practically any source, which triggers bright colors, patterns, and sounds to alert on-site personnel to occurring security events.

“We are incredibly excited to add this device to our diverse portfolio of infrared and white light illuminators,” said Eddie Reynolds, CEO and president of iluminar Inc. “The StatusLight is the ultimate IoT device and, in many ways, a logical extension of our expertise in security lighting.”

Regardless of whether it’s been initiated by an unauthorized breach of perimeter or in attempting to identify an individual gaining access to a protected area, StatusLight’s LEDs can be customized to change depending on the urgency of the alarm and is designed for ease of use with support for PoE, Wi-Fi, SMS and AI.

Described as the perfect add-on for a variety of verticals like K-12 schools, hospitals, banks, utilities, and critical infrastructure. Interested parties can learn more about StatusLight by visiting



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