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LogRhythm announces partnership with Novacoast

LogRhythm announces partnership with Novacoast

LogRhythm Announces Partnership with Novacoast

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – On Sept. 19, 2023, LogRhythm announced its partnership with Novacoast, a cybersecurity, identity and access company specializing in managed security, engineering, development, and advisory services.

The company called the partnership a significant milestone as Novacoast becomes the first LogRhythm Axon service provider to provide level one and level two analyst services and custom content for the cloud-native SaaS SIEM platform. LogRhythm said it’s also taking a strategic step forward by transitioning its own security operations to the new Axon platform.

"LogRhythm's migration to the Axon platform is a testament to our confidence in the new platform to protect both us and our customers in a continually evolving threat landscape", said Andrew Hollister, chief information security officer at LogRhythm. "Our partnership with Novacoast in delivering services on the new platform furthers our mission of empowering security teams. Axon provides a highly intuitive experience that enables security teams to cut through the noise and get the visibility they need to secure their environments. With Novacoast’s expertise and Axon’s advanced capabilities we are confident in providing unparalleled security coverage for our organization and our customers..

Novacoast has been a long-standing partner of LogRhythm since 2015, with a proven track record of managing Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and delivering tailored security solutions. Through this partnership, Novacoast is looking to co-manage key aspects of LogRhythm’s internal security operations on the Axon platform. They also bring to the table their detection engineering expertise and shared knowledge of the evolving threat landscape.

"Today's rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a solution as agile as Axon," noted Jonathan Poon, chief security officer of Novacoast. “Our partnership’s success lies in our shared dedication to proactive security solutions. With LogRhythm's transition to Axon, we are embracing a new era of security protection, guaranteeing rapid responses to emerging threats."

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