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Poll Position

Poll Position

Even now I hesitate to make any declaration, but ill just come out and say it. The U.S. midterm elections are over (barring a few outliers), and we came out unscathed from the ordeal. Now I’m going to look pretty stupid if a bunch of yee-hadi’s try to storm the Arizona State Capitol in the morning, but for the moment it seems like cooler heads have prevailed and we managed to have both safe and secure elections.

I mean, there were some rumbles and stumbles in the lead up (My home state again, and some weak Russian tea, but I digress). However, election day ended up being a rather quiet affair. Several candidates that were proponents of the 2020 election fraud conspiracy theory were preempting any potential losses by claiming the votes were rigged, even before voting had commenced. Most of them lost in the end, some more gracefully than others.

I would hazard a guess they may not be so brazen or particular in their accusations this time around either. Following the last election, a number of right-wing media groups and lawyers are currently on the hook for several multi billion-dollar defamation lawsuits courtesy of Dominion Voting Systems. I’m not sure they can even afford to point their fingers again.  

While Republicans may be shocked by the outcome of the elections, no one is more shocked than the Democrats, who seemed as certain of their losses as the republicans were of their wins. I would like to take this small bit of space to relate some important information to both political parties: Your polling methods are antiquated. The new generation of voters are never ever going to stop and fill out a survey. We don’t like getting hand signed cards in the mail and we ESPECIALLY do not like getting massive thick card stock attack advertisements shoved in our mailboxes. We want to save the rainforest yeah?  Also, for the last time don’t call or text us, you’re all being left on read forever.

But this blog isn’t about those guys, it’s about all of you reading this right now. For all of you who did your civic duty and voted, I congratulate you. It doesn’t matter if you had a mail in ballot or stood in line at your local polling location. Each and every person that voted took part in a grand tradition that underlies the foundation of this country.

Security is the result and the goal of the vote. To vote is to exercise freedom and should be wielded by every citizen to ensure that there will always be another vote. That’s what we saw again on display this month.

So now relax, enjoy your turkey day (or baked ham, or tamales, or your holiday meal of choice) and be secure in the knowledge that your choice to vote was the right choice.


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