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Speco adds NDAA-compliant DVR to its product mix

Speco adds NDAA-compliant DVR to its product mix

AMITYVILLE, N.Y.—With the rise in importance of having an NDAA-compliant product mix, Speco Technologies has remained committed to bringing its customers the very best in timely innovation. That is why Speco is excited to announce the release of its fully NDAA-compliant HD-TVI Digital Video Recorder, the D16VN.

The D16VN is a 16-channel HD-TVI Digital Video Recorder with storage capacities ranging from two terabytes to 10 terabytes. The D16VN can record up to four mega-pixels, as well as UTC function, allowing for both zoom and focus as well as OSD control over coax. It is equipped with two-way audio communication and is also compatible with Speco Technologies’ patented Digital Deterrent technology, which focuses on stopping crime before it occurs.

The D16VN is also equipped with Speco’s EZ Search technology, which allows you to easily comb through a day’s worth of recordings in seconds. You can separate your recording into 24 one-hour clips. Customers can drill down further and separate a specified one-hour clip into 60 one-minute clips. Once you have located your desired event, easily export the video clip with a custom watermark and send to the necessary parties with ease.

The D16VN is Speco Technologies’ fully NDAA-compliant alternative in the Digital Video Recorder space, allowing for use in government buildings and other federal job applications. In addition to being fully NDAA, D16VN has free U.S.-based DDNS server access, so your customers can rest assured that their data is safe and secure domestically.

Lastly, each D16VN is covered by a five-year warranty, allowing you and your customers to rest assured that in the event something goes wrong, Speco Technologies will replace your device.

D4VN and D8VN, Speco’s four- and eight-channel HD-TVI DVR’s, respectively, are due to be released shortly. The D16VN is currently in stock and ready to ship today.

For more information, please reach out to your local Speco Technologies representative, call Speco at 800– 645–5516 or visit



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