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ACRE launches the Feenics One Mobile App

March 23, 2022SSN Staff

DALLAS—ACRE, a global leader in the delivery of integrated technologies and services, today announced the availability of its Feenics One Mobile App, the next generation app that allows for the management of an employee’s digital identity as well as delivering extended employee engagement capabilities. “We can’t wait to get Feenics One into the hands of our customers,” stated Jeff Ross, Director of Global Marketing for Feenics, “this powerful new app gives organizations...

ACRE, Feenics, Jeff Ross, Sam Shalaby

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Feenics ranks as one of Canada’s top growing companies


Feenics ranks as one of Canada’s top growing companies

September 24, 2021SSN Staff

OTTAWA, Canada—Feenics, an Ottawa based provider of forward-thinking Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solutions, today announced it placed No. 85 on the 2021 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks Canadian companies on three-year revenue growth and Feenics earned its spot with a three-year growth of 715 percent. “We are ecstatic to once again be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the country,”...

ACaaS, cloud-based access control, Feenics, Sam Shalaby

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General News

With managed services and the cloud: The integrator needs to be focused on the ground

September 23, 2015Sam Shalaby

Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming an increasingly prevalent delivery model, as technologies that support these services mature. Yet, getting security system integrators to adopt this business model has proven to be challenging.As a rule, the security industry has been very slow to adapt to new technology and thus, integrators have been inclined to follow and never lead. New technology creates new responsibilities and these responsibilities may seem to outweigh the benefits. However, I believe...

Cloud, Feenics, SaaS, Sam Shalaby

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Feenics 'built by a VAR for VARs'

July 18, 2014Martha Entwistle

OTTAWA—Feenics, a new cloud-based access control platform launched earlier this year, has named Paul DiPeso as VP and GM, and is attracting the attention of some integrators who are demoing or getting ready to install Keep, which is Feenics' first product.DiPeso is an industry veteran who was with Lenel before starting with Feenics in January.The name Feenics is derived from the fact that it's a fee-based (managed) service and “it's also a play on the [phoenix], a rebirth of access control,”...

Anthony Shalaby, Dave Charles, Feenics, Keep, Koorsen Security, Paul DiPeso, Ralph Shillington, Sam Shalaby, Shannon Martindale, Skip Sampson

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On The Editor's Desk

Feenics: Led by industry vet, attracting integrators' attention

June 18, 2014Martha Entwistle

Have you heard of Feenics? It's a new cloud-based access control platform that's being run by an industry vet and that attracted the attention of some integrators who are demoing, or getting ready to install “Keep” which is Feenics' first product. Paul DiPeso, who was most recently with Lenel, is running the show for Feenics as VP and GM, and this week he's at the Feenics' office in Ottawa conducting a “voice of the customer” meeting with some integrators, including Alpha...

cloud based access control, Feenics, FST, Keep, Koorsen, managed access, Paul DiPeso, Sam Shalaby, security systems integrator, Shannon Martindale, Skip Sampson

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General News

Making money on managed services

March 26, 2014Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—Attend a few security conferences and you're bound to hear the term “managed services” tossed around. Most of the time you'll be advised that managed services is the way to go. But, how do you get there? How long will it take and can you really make money offering managed services?At TechSec 2014, held here in Jan. 26-28, three very different independent systems integrators—Sam Shalaby, GM of the Ottawa branch and managed services director, Convergint; Rob...

Advance Technology, Convergint, managed services, physical security, Rob Simopoulous, Sam Shalaby, SSN, tech systems, Wayne Smith

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Convergint acquires FSC

December 11, 2013Martha Entwistle

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—In addition to beefing up its presence in Eastern Canada, Convergint Technologies' Dec. 2 acquisition of Future Security Controls (FSC) brings new managed services capabilities, a specialized monitoring center and new federal government clients.“We were looking for more representation in Eastern Canada,” Dan Moceri, Convergint CEO, told Security Systems News. “We've been working with Sam for many years. We know him [and FSC] well.” FSC was founded by...

acquisition, Convergint Technologies, Dan Moceri, Future Security Controls, Sam Shalaby

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Future Security Controls concentrates on margins

July 18, 2012Martha Entwistle

OTTAWA—Future Security Controls is a small independent integrator that is enjoying enviable margins—north of 15 percent—in the past couple of years, according to CEO Sam Shalaby.Based here with a second office in Toronto, FSC has 50 employees and does between $8 million and $12 million in revenue annually. “We did 18.6 percent in gross margin in 2011. In 2010 we did 25 percent,” he said.It's unlikely the margins will stay in that range indefinitely, Shalaby said, but...

FSC, Future Security Controls, PSA Security, Sam Shalaby, SecureNet, Security Systems News

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