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Emerging Leaders Under 40: Greg Massullo, director of sales, ScanSource

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Greg Massullo, director of sales, ScanSource

Emerging Leaders Under 40: Greg Massullo, director of sales, ScanSource

YARMOUTH, Maine—Greg Massullo, 31, is the director of sales for ScanSource, based out of Greenville, S.C. Find out what his roles and responsibilities are, what being an Emerging Leader Under 40 means to him, what attracts him to the security industry as a young leader, and more. 

SSN: In 100 words or less, summarize your current role, outlining responsibilities and length of service.

Emerging Leaders Under 40MASSULLO: In my eight-year tenure at ScanSource, I have been leading an inside sales team and developed a sales operations team from the ground up, enhancing our business strategy and operational efficiency. My role involves guiding team performance, driving sales growth, and fostering an environment for continuous improvement and professional development. I am deeply involved in strategic planning and execution, aligning our initiatives with the company's goals and values. My leadership style is practical and experience-driven, focused on empowering teams to achieve excellence and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving security industry.

SSN: In 100 words or less, share what attracts you to the security industry as a young leader.

MASSULLO: The security industry's rapid growth and high demand provide an exciting opportunity for impactful leadership and professional development. I am particularly drawn to the dynamic nature of this field, which allows me to nurture talent and cultivate innovative solutions while driving significant change. The vast network and continuously evolving challenges in security fuel my passion for leading and mentoring teams, creating an environment conducive to both individual and industry-wide success. This perfectly aligns with my dedication to growth, innovation, and excellence in the security sector.

SSN: In 100 words or less, describe the significance of being recognized as an SSN Emerging Leader Under 40 winner.

MASSULLO: Being selected for the Security Systems News Emerging Leader Under 40 award is both an honor and a humbling recognition of our collective achievements at ScanSource. This award not only highlights a personal milestone but also the impact of my leadership style, emphasizing nurturing talent, building high-performing teams, and innovating in the security industry. It validates our customer-focused strategies and commitment to developing talent, showcasing our positive impact. This accolade reinforces my dedication to mentorship and innovation, driving me to continue cultivating talent and influencing the next generation in our industry.


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